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He is now a traveling PT and loves loves loves his career choice. His DPT was very expensive, thankfully he went cheap on his undergrad. Supposedly, getting into DPT schools is like "med school" - very low acceptance rates, you must have at least a 3. Did your son experience this? Our D is a senior in HS and very interested in PT but we have been planning for her to do undergrad at a large public school, to save money and in case she changes her mind.

Curious how it was for him after graduating from a public undergrad program. He took 5 years to finish his undergrad due to a dismal spring semester his freshman year when he discovered girls and alcohol, lol.

That extra time allowed him to boost up that GPA - He majored in Community Health Sciences He applied to approx 10 programs all over the country public and private and was accepted to two - both private. Yes, statistically, med school is easier to get into. DS's girlfriend is also a PT, they met in school.

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It took her a couple of years of applying to get into PT school. At the same time, DS has friends from college who got into public school PT programs. The public school programs tend to be the ones that everyone is after due to low cost but the added time to achieve the degree, get in the internships etc.

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DS walked out of school, took his national boards a few weeks later and was working one week post boards at a low 6 figure salary. Not bad for a 26 year old straight out of school. No time for much of anything else. He is thrilled with his life plan and I think that he chose wisely. He now travels and takes different assignments which gives him experience in many settings as well as he is able to have a full time job and pull in PRN hours to help pay down the hefty student loans he acquired in PT school.

MamacatTX Thanks so much for all the details - very helpful.

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It's great that your son is so happy - what a gift to have found a great career, and life plan, so early. We're hoping that in the next four years there will be more DPT schools to choose from - I'm sure it won't be a significant increase, but it seems like this degree is in extremely high demand, so I imagine smart schools will add the major if they can. With the projected need for PTs as the population ages, we could use some more options for those wanting the degree.

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This could be a different thread, I know, but I'd love if the knowledgeable people on this thread could offer their input! My D is a HS senior who wants to apply to direct entry PT programs or colleges with a pre-professional track that also have DPT programs and a higher chance of admittance if one attends their college as an undergrad.

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We had a list from other locations in the country, but D has decided that she'd strongly prefer to be within a few hours of close family. This limits her to Ohio or Florida and also maybe within an hour of those two states--but that's a big maybe. Joseph U have never heard of this college until recently and can't find much about it Wooster which doesn't have a DPT program, but it has a pre-professional PT track, and she loves this college Dusquene U this is a stretch location-wise Nova Southeastern U of Florida U of South Florida Florida International U Does anyone have opinions or comments about any of these programs or colleges?

School counselors assess students and give them advice on issues such as academic performance, social interactions and college choices. Career counselors help students make decisions about their future professions based on abilities and interests. School psychologists use their expertise to assess learning, behavioral and emotional problems that students have, and use that information to create action plans.

They work in concert with student's families, teachers and administrators to develop strategies that will help students both in the classroom and at home. Note: Becoming a school psychologist usually requires additional study through an Education Specialist degree, but it is one path open to school counselors. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors work with patients who have addictions to drugs, alcohol, tobacco and gambling. Students with conditions such as bulimia and anorexia are also guided by these counselors.

These professionals assess patient's problems and make recommendations on corrective actions they can take. The counseling profession is governed by a number of legal and ethical standards. During their studies, students learn the state and federal laws guiding interactions with students and their families, licensing regulations, mandated reporting and recordkeeping.

Counselors must understand differences in race, ethnicity and culture so they can provide the right services and tools to meet the needs of all students.

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School counselors are often tasked with the responsibility of providing interventions for student crises. The principles of crisis intervention in school settings help school counselors address every problem and crisis. School counselors must have a deep understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of career counseling.

School counselors learn to administer career assessments and consider multicultural issues when talking to young people about work options when studying for an online school counselor master's degree. School counselors can take advantage of these professional associations that provide ongoing education and training in an ever-changing field. The following resources provide additional information for school counselors with a master's degree in school counseling.

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The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry offers education, advocacy services and research to help school psychiatrists and counselors who treat young children, adolescents and their families. The APA offers publications, advocacy, news and a psychology help center designed to help school counselors. Members can join one of the association's 54 divisions, including sections devoted to educational, counseling, school, rehabilitation, developmental and clinical psychology. The association provides access to the latest research, advocacy support and continuing education courses.

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The society is a one-stop resource for school counselors on topics including child development, mental health, crisis intervention, emotional intelligence, children's rights, and violence prevention. This association represents school psychologists from around the world and graduate students preparing to enter the field. The group organizes an annual convention, provides a career center and publishes books and periodicals. Key Skills Learned Additional Resources. Related Work Experience: Applicants must demonstrate relevant work history in the field of education or a related school setting.

Personal Essay: Many graduate schools require the inclusion of a personal essay along with the master's program application. Explore School Counseling Specializations: There are a number of specializations within the school counseling discipline designed to help students with a variety of backgrounds. Build Counseling Research Skills: Research skills are vital for working in as a school counselor. Understanding of Assessment Principles: Assessments help school counselors identify the needs of specific students.

Skills for Diverse Student Demographics Successful school counselors must be able to work with students from different races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and cultures. Group Counseling Experience School counselors may work with a group of students experiencing similar issues.

Licensing Examination in School Counseling A large portion of year-two studies as a school counselor master's student is devoted to preparing for the school counselor licensing examination. Complete an Education Thesis Students choose a thesis topic in the field of education, school counseling or children's psychology.

Experiential Learning in Counseling Prospective school counselors must obtain hands-on experience through a practicum or internship program before graduation. Comprehensive Examination Students are required to demonstrate their competence in education, child development and counseling by passing a comprehensive examination. Research Project in School Counseling Some online schools may require school counselor students to participating in a data project or research project.

Complete Professional School Counselor Praxis Examination Some students are expected to complete the Praxis examination in school counseling, which is a standardized test that measures knowledge of theories and their practical applications in the workplace.

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Browse Master's in School Counseling Careers. School Psychologists. Substance Abuse or Behavioral Disorder Counselors. Master's in School Counseling Law and Ethics for School Counselors The counseling profession is governed by a number of legal and ethical standards. Multicultural Counseling Counselors must understand differences in race, ethnicity and culture so they can provide the right services and tools to meet the needs of all students. Crisis Intervention Knowledge School counselors are often tasked with the responsibility of providing interventions for student crises.